Properties And Application Of Injection Mold

Injection mold design is a very important part of tmodern life. The application of many tools and many electronic and mechanical equipment in people's life are inseparable from injection mold design. It is precisely because of this that the market development of injection mold design has always been very good.

Injection mold design is an important process equipment for the production of various industrial products. With the rapid development of injection mold design industry and the promotion and application of plastic products in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, ships, automobiles and other industrial departments, the requirements of products for molds are higher and higher. The traditional plastic mold design methods can not meet the requirements of product renewal and quality improvement


The plastic is heated and melted in the heating barrel at the bottom of the injection machine, and then pushed by the screw or plunger of the injection machine, it enters the mold cavity through the nozzle of the injection machine and the pouring system of the mold. The plastic is cooled, hardened and molded, and demoulded to obtain products. The size of the plastic parts is based on their size shape and the mold cavity. Its structure is usually composed of forming parts, gating system, guiding parts, pushing mechanism, temperature regulating system, exhaust system, support parts and so on. Plastic molds are usually used for manufacturing materials. Injection molding processing method is usually only applicable to the production of thermoplastics products. Plastic products produced by injection molding process are very extensive, not only in the production of plastic commodity molds, but also in the production of products, from daily necessities to all kinds of complex machinery, electrical appliances and vehicle parts. It is a processing method widely used in the production of plastic products.

Post time: Apr-10-2022